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What time does the fair open/close?

Admission is charged from 7AM until 9PM.

Occasionally extreme weather conditions may alter these times.

All exhibit buildings are open from 9AM until 10 PM during fair week.
All vendor stands are open from 10 AM until 10PM. Some vendors may stay open additional hours.


When will the Premium Books be available?


Can I register my items online?

No. Although each premium book and entry form are posted online at www.bloomsburgfair.com, you cannot enter online. You can, however, download and print the entry form, then mail or bring to the Secretary’s Office in the Administrative building on the fairgrounds. Premium books and entry forms may also be picked up in the lobby of the Administrative building between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday – Friday.

What is the deadline for entering?

Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 12:00 Noon. No late entrees, no exceptions!

How do I determine which category to enter my item?

Contact the Director in charge of the building directly.

How many items can I enter?

Contact the Director in charge of that building directly.


Can I rent a Scooter/Wheelchair/Stroller/Wagon?

Check back for info


Can I get free admission for special needs groups?

Complimentary tickets can be issued to special needs groups by contacting the Admissions Office in writing on your company letterhead at least one week prior to fair. Please provide an approximate number of tickets needed for both special needs fair goers and attendants accompanying those persons. Tickets will then be issued and held at Gate 3 until the time of your visit. Gate 3 staff will distribute the exact number of admissions needed for that date. Groups coming multiple dates will receive tickets at each visit.

What are the special admissions days?

  • Children 12 years old and younger are admitted free every day.
  • High School Students age 13 – 18 are admitted free on Tuesday and the second Friday.
  • Armed services persons, active and retired, are admitted free on Monday with ID.
  • Senior Citizens (65 years old and older with ID) are admitted free on Monday.

I am a member, and I can’t locate my tickets?

Member tickets and badges can be reprinted by contacting the admissions office at 570-387-4157, or stopping at the office located behind the security office. When tickets and/or badges are reprinted, the original credentials are voided.


Where do buses park? Do they have to pay?

Buses do not have to pay, and can be parked either in the RV parking lot or in the main parking lot. Parking sales will wave them through the main gate. They will be directed to unload at Gate 3. Parking attendants will then direct them to the appropriate lot.

I have a marked vehicle carrying special needs attendees, where do I unload and park?

They will be instructed to unload at gate 3 and then directed where to park. Marked vehicles carrying multiple special needs attendees do not have to pay to park.

Can I buy parking in advance?

Parking tickets can be purchased in advance, along with admission and grandstand tickets, through the Grandstand ticket office. (570) 387-4145 or email: grandstandtickets@bloomsburgfair.com

Where is Handicapped parking located?

Handicapped parking is located in the front of the main parking lot between gates 3 and 5. Parking lot staff will direct those with appropriate placards to this spot. Occasionally on very high volume days available spots will be limited. Severely handicapped people can be dropped off at gate 3 where benches are provided for them to wait while the car is parked in the main lot. Tram stations throughout the main lot will pick up and discharge passengers on a regular schedule.


Do I have to pre-register?

Pre-registration is not necessary, but encouraged, as spaces are limited. Persons coming to the fair with RVs can purchase overnight passes in advance by downloading the application from the web site, or by calling the Treasurer’s Office directly for an application. Deadline for advance purchases is 2 weeks prior to the fair.

What if I change my mind and don't bring my camper?

Contact the Treasurer’s Office and a refund can be issued.

Can cars be parked in the RV camp ground? What is the charge?

Cars can be parked in the RV campground. The regular $5 fee will be assessed.

What services are provided in the campground?

  • No electric – few water – hook-up by hose
  • No fire rings, fire pits or open fire allowed
  • Basically self-contained trailers – tent area available
  • Port-a-potties are available. Showers are available (in the area of horse barns) on the fairgrounds for a fee
  • Sewage can be pumped out by two different companies:
    Starr’s Portables, 570-458-5188
    Fought’s Disposal Service, 570-683-5548
    Rates are determined by each individual company
  • A dumpster is provided at the bus stop for deposit of garbage
  • Parking is in a section of the parking lot, so capacity is limited
  • Shuttle bus will transport campers to and from the gate
  • Pets are allowed in your trailer – you able to walk them in the camping area, but there are NO PETS are allowed on the fairgrounds
  • Generators must be turned off at 10 PM. They may be restarted at 7 AM
  • Security Guard is on duty during the night
  • Check in from 7 AM – 9 PM. If coming in later, you can register with persons on duty in the morning.


What are the Grandstand Office hours?

Thursday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM and Saturday 9 AM – 3 PM.
The Box Office will be closed Labor Day, September 3rd.
Fair Week Hours 9 AM – 9 PM

Can I purchase my tickets online?

Yes, show tickets can be purchased online at www.bloomsburgfair.com

* If you have special needs (wheelchair, jazzy, require a low seat…) you must call the box office to purchase your ticket.

Do I have to do print at home or can they be mailed?

No, you do not have to print at home. Tickets can be mailed to you up to one week before the fair starts. Please confirm your Print Status (Delivery Method) to either Print at Home or Mail Delivery.

Please allow two weeks (14 days) to receive your tickets before calling the office.

Do you do quantity discount tickets to shows?

Contact the Grandstand ticket office regarding discount admission tickets. (570) 387-4145 or email: grandstandtickets@bloomsburgfair.com

What are the special admissions days?

  • Seniors 65 and older are admitted free on Monday, with the proper ID showing proof of being age 65+.
  • All Military personnel, past and present, are admitted free on Monday with the proper Military ID.
  • Students, age 12 – 18 years of age are admitted free on Tuesday and Friday.

What tickets are sold through the box office?

Our Grandstand Ticket Office is where all tickets are sold. In addition to show tickets, they sell admission tickets, passes, parking passes, and RV Parking Permits. (570) 387-4145 or email: grandstandtickets@bloomsburgfair.com

Do I need a separate ticket to enter fair if I have night show tickets?

Yes. A show ticket does not allow you into the gate for the fair. You will need to purchase a separate gate admission ticket.

Does my child need a show ticket? He will sit on my lap.

EVERYONE, regardless of age, will need a show ticket to enter the grandstand area for shows. This includes all infants and children.

Where do I sit if I am in a wheel chair or on a jazzy?

There are special sections for wheel chairs and jazzies/motorized carts. These tickets CANNOT be ordered online. You must call or come to the Grandstand Ticket Office to purchase these. Wheel chairs and jazzies CANNOT sit in the center track area. (570) 387-4145 or email: grandstandtickets@bloomsburgfair.com