September 20 - September 28, 2024

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2023 Agricultural Entry Form


The Agriculture Building show cases our Pennsylvania farmers and gardeners that features more than you can imagine. One of the many highlights is in the Pumpkin Patch. Every year people come in to see how much the biggest pumpkin weighs. You will also find many scarecrows on display. A high point is the beautifully decorated cakes that bakers have spent many hours on. Some of the incredible entries are for contests for apple pie, chocolate cake, angel food cake and junior baking for a chance to compete at the Farm Show. You will find many homemade delicious pies, cakes, cookies, fudge and various other bake goods on exhibit.
In the Ag building you will find fresh vegetables, dried beans, nuts, eggs, hay, fruits, herbs and so much more. Additionally there is a canning section of fruits, vegetables, meats, sauces, juice, honey, hickory syrup, jelly and jams are on display. Homemade wine entries for white and red table wines, pink and rose as well as fruit wines are on display. Several Grange organizations entries exhibit the support of farmers and promotes educational and economic information on the farming community. Grange members are available for the purchase of their amazing cookbooks and several flavorings for your baking pleasure. Occasionally you will be musically entertained by the talented Raven Creek band, a local couple from Benton, while they perform songs for all to enjoy. As you can see there is so much to appreciate so be sure to stop by the AG building and enjoy the many other awesome things to see.
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