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Theme: Hooked on Books

When walking into the Horticulture Building, guests will be greeted by a boat made of books, floating on a lake of blue hydrangea with a fish in the boat, fishing for books. Over 2,000 books have been donated to complete the theme. All leftover books will be available to anyone, please put a donation in the fountain and take a book.

The new category introduced last year – Flower Pot Figures is back and a highly anticipated category. All entering this category are encouraged to keep with the theme Hooked on Books.

Beautiful bunches of flowers will be available for purchase every day in the Horticulture Building this year, with all proceeds going to charities throughout Columbia and Montour counties.

On Saturday evening the 29th at 8 o’clock will be the very popular auction. The auction, conducted by J. Vance’s auctions, will be held in the Agriculture/Horticulture pavilion in the Christmas tree cafe area. A large selection of plants, autographed pictures of the entertainers, and much more. All money collected during the auction will also be donated to charities throughout Columbia and Montour Counties.

For further information, please contact Scott L. Edwards, Supt. Horticulture