September 20 - September 28, 2024


In 2019, for the first time, The Bloomsburg Fair hosted a Fair Queen. The Inaugural Bloomsburg Fair Queen competition, exclusively sponsored by First Keystone Community Bank, was conducted under the umbrella of the PA State Fair Queen Program and observed all rules and regulations of that organization

The Fair Queen and an alternate was chosen to represent The Bloomsburg Fair across the state at many other county fairs, as well as social business functions, and visits to many of the branch offices and main office of the sponsor, First Keystone Community Bank. The coronation event was held at the Caldwell Consistory, in Bloomsburg, on Sunday, June 23 at 2 pm with Nicolette Cusate of Danville being crowned the 2019 Bloomsburg Fair Queen. First runner up was Sheryl Davison and Second runner up was Brittany Bennett.

The new 2019 Bloomsburg Fair Queen, Nicolette Cusate, at top; first runner up, at left, Sheryl Davison; and second runner up, at right, Brittany Bennett.


The queen candidate had to be between the ages of 16 and 20. She promoted greater public understanding, awareness, and interest in the fair itself along with local agriculture and education. In addition to those qualifications, the competition looked for young women who are active in their communities. “We at First Keystone Community Bank believe one of the most important investments we make in our communities are in our youth. We are proud to be the sponsor for the first Bloomsburg Fair Queen, honoring those for their educational and community commitment,” stated Elaine Woodland, President and CEO, First Keystone Community Bank.

The Bloomsburg Fair Queen and her committee can be contacted by email at: For more information about the Bloomsburg Fair Queen Program, you can also visit Bloomsburg Fair Queen on Facebook.

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