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Horse Pulling

Friday, September 28th at 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM at the Large Arena, in the Livestock Area

Horse Pulling Contests are Friday, September 28th at the Large Arena, in Livestock Area, the Light Weight Contest starts at 9:30 am with a Percheron Hitch, Clydesdale Hitch, Scottish Highlander Cattle and Miniature Donkey Presentation/Show prior to the Pulling Contest. The Heavy Weight Contest starts at 1 pm. The cost is only $5 and is good for both shows.

This is good family entertainment at a low cost. If you never experienced this show before, it is very fun and exciting. Each team of horses must pull a weighted sled a distance of 27′-6″ to move onto the next round, each round the weight increases, until we have a winner.

Teams of horses come from Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Ohio, Vermont, Maine and local Pennsylvania teams. These teams take great pride in presenting you with the best contest possible. These magnificent animals weight approximately 2,000 lbs each. See you there!