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Truck And Tractor Pull

The largest sanctioned tractor and truck pull in Northeast Pennsylvania rolls into the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds on the opening Saturday of the annual ten day fair. This pull has it all and certainly something for everyone.

USA-EAST sled pulling, a subdivision of full pull productions from Jamestown, Pennsylvania produces this huge motor sport extravaganza in front of the main grandstand starting at 7:00pm. And in case of inclement weather the entire event will move to the next day – Sunday afternoon at 12:00 noon.

But while tractors are a large part of this super event that is jammed with family friendly entertainment there is far more to see. But for many the tractors are the key. These are tractors that originally were used on the farm and when the came from the factory they might have had 135 horsepower. But now … these multi-turbo charged machines will put out 1200 to 1500 horsepower using by diesel and alcohol as fuel. This is not your grandfather’s tractor!!!

And then there are the super modified four wheel drive trucks. Huge mountain motors – up to 738 cubic inches are accepted in this class. And super chargers (blowers) are permitted. Nitrous oxide from drag racing applications is also ‘good to go’. But this big alcohol engines are challenged very nicely by turbo-charged diesel engines with the ultimate in low end torque.

And after all of the smoke from the tractors and all of noise from the four-wheel drive trucks here comes the awesome big rigs semi trucks with incredible power and incredible size. Macks and Peterbilts and Kenworths and Internationals all come to play in this all-out skills game with upwards if 4000 horsepower under the hood.

This three division pulling event will amaze with the super power that will be on display in front of the Bloomsburg Grandstand. Fans should secure their tickets early as this event has been sold out in many of the previous years.