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2018 Bloomsburg Fair Bandshell


Prelude Music – 6:30 PM
Vespers Service – 7:00 PM

70’s Flashback – 11:00 AM
Midlife Cowboys – 1:00 PM
Red Head Express – 3:00 PM
Midlife Cowboys – 5:00 PM
70’s Flashback – 7:00 PM
Red Head Express – 8:30 PM

Shiloh Bible Service – 10:00 AM
Less Boys & More – 1:00 PM
Stanky & Coal Miners – 3:00 PM
Less Boys & More – 5:00 PM
Stanky & Coal Miners – 7:00 PM
Less Boys & More – 8:30 PM

Double Shot polka band – 11:00 AM
Brad Matchett (Comedy Hypnotist) – 12:30 PM
Double Shot polka band – 2:00 PM
Make Mine Country – 3:30 PM
Brad Matchett (Comedy Hypnotist) – 5:00 PM
Banjo Contest – 7:00 PM
Make Mine Country – 8:30 PM

Brad Matchett (Comedy Hypnotist) – 11:00 AM
Make Mine Country – 12:30 PM
Tommy Guns Band – 2:00 PM
Brad Matchett (Comedy Hypnotist) – 3:30 PM
Make Mine Country – 5:00 PM
Fiddle Contest – 7:00 PM
Tommy Guns Band – 8:30 PM

Amish Outlaws – 10:30 AM
Shannon – 12:00 PM
Amish Outlaws – 1:30 PM
Coston Cross (Country Band) – 3:00 PM
Grand Junction – 4:30 PM
Shannon – 6:00 PM
Barber Shopper Contest – 7:00 PM
Grand Junction – 8:30 PM

Michael Blaine (Hypnotist) – 12:30 PM
Rick K & All Nighters – 2:00 PM
Ole ’97 (Johnny Cash Tribute) – 3:30 PM
Michael Blaine (Hypnotist) – 5:00 PM
Ole ’97 (Johnny Cash Tribute) – 7:00 PM
Rick K & All Nighters – 8:30 PM

Sapphire – 11:00 AM
Michael Blaine (Hypnotist) – 1:00 PM
Grand Junction – 3:00 PM
Michael Blaine (Hypnotist) – 5:00 PM
Sapphire – 7:00 PM
Grand Junction – 8:30 PM

First Columbia Teens – 11:00 AM
Less Boys & More – 1:00 PM
Tommy Guns Band – 3:00 PM
Less Boys & More – 5:00 PM
Tommy Guns Band – 7:00 PM
Less Boys & More – 9:00 PM

Circus Incredible

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IMG_6675-smCircus Incredible is made up of 2nd, 6th, and 7th generation performers of the World Famous Wallenda circus family displaying their aerial artistry of grace, beauty and strength. Will amaze Audiences of all ages with jaw dropping acrobatics and balancing! Family friendly entertainment with 25 minute shows with aerial acts over 30 ft. in the air. Two aerial and one ground act.

Rietta Wallenda is a 6th generation circus performer. She is the granddaughter of the late Karl Wallenda. Rietta started performing in the circus like most generation circus performers at the young age of 5. She mastered many different aerial feats such as the Spanish web, aerial lyra, trapeze, sway pole and high wire. At the age of 13 Rietta made her debut in the Wallenda high wire act along with her grandfather Karl Wallenda. She has toured all over the world with “The Great Wallenda’s” performing and carrying on the family traditions.

Lyric Wallenda Arestov is a 7th generation circus performer of the world famous Wallenda family. She is the great granddaughter of the late Karl Wallenda. Lyric started practicing before she could remember. She made her debut professionally at the age of 5. She performed a single trapeze in an aerial display. Lyric continued to practice and master many different types of aerial acts such as: Spanish Web, Aerial Lyra, Sway Pole, High Wire and Aerial Perch. At the age of 11 Lyric made her debut performing the aerial perch with her mother. At 13 Lyric began professionally performing on the sway pole and in the family high wire act. She toured all over the world performing with her mother and other family members.

Simon Arestov Originally from Moscow, Russia, Simon Arestov is a second generation circus performer. Simon made his professional circus debut with the “Moscow State Circus”, where he performed with his parents in an acrobatic troupe. At the age of five Simon began performing a “Hand to Hand” balancing act with his father. For years, Simon and his family performed in many different countries all over the world, including: Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Chile, Peru, U.S.A., Canada, among many others. At the age of 13, Simon made his first solo debut performing, the “Rolla-Bolla”. Later Simon also added two more acts, the “Spinning Cube” and the “Comedy Strong Man”.

Shows daily at 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm

The Rhinestone Roper Show


The Rhinestone Roper Show is a death-defying interactive Wild West traveling show, entertaining and thrilling audiences coast-to-coast, border-to-border for over 18 years. The show has it all – intricate trick roping, precision knife throwing and bullwhip cracking, fancy gun spinning and fast-draw shooting. Featured in the show are stunts by amazing trick horses Gypsy Rio and Jesse James. You may have seen them make the Quarter Finals on America’s Got Talent.

Champion showman Dan Min, The Rhinestone Roper – a true master in “the tools of the cowboy” – has revised the old-fashioned Wild West show, delighting and educating family audiences about a bygone era. His world-class skills, signature cowboy humor, and knowledge of old west lore are woven into a 45-minute show full of music, laughs, and audience participation. Dan, a former chief deputy prosecutor, hails from Jerome, Idaho.

Dan is pleased to introduce his wife Yvonne and daughter Emilee. Yvonne descends from the Mescaloro Apache Nation of New Mexico. She not only performs with ropes, whips and knives but also shoots aerial targets with a pistol while spinning on the “Wheel of Death.” 14 year old Emilee surprises audiences as well with her trick roping and knife throwing.

Shows daily at 12pm, 2pm, and 5pm