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Bengal Tigers


The Tiger Is An Endangered Species

The world would not be the same if we let the magnificent tiger go extinct.

Tigers once occupied most of Asia, south into India, China Sumatra, Java and Bali. Some subspecies of tigers are completely extinct. The tigers that remain are threatened with extinction throughout their range.

Man is the reason they are endangered. Man has hunted the tiger relentlessly for his beautiful skin and in defense of his livestock. The greatest threat to tigers today is loss of habitat.

The tiger is protected as an endangered species by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), a treaty signed by the United States, Canada and over a hundred other countries.

You can help by supporting conservation organizations and spreading the word that the tiger is in trouble – and needs your help.

Ada Smieya-Blaszak and her son, Brunon Blaszak, take great pride in taking care of their magnificent royal Bengal tigers. Ada is a professional and graduated from the Polish State Circus School.

Each tiger consumes 10 pounds of raw meat daily, and once every week half a gallon of milk and three eggs.

The tigers are under a health program by the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and the supervisory by USDA and the Department of the Interior. Each animal is housed in its cage, and they travel in a well-ventilated semi-trailer, which is also well insulated, and is equipped with air/ride. On location: we connect all the cages together and in the same we create a tunnel with 70 feet of walking space and let them run free in the arena, 40 feet in diameter, daily. During wintertime, when we are home, the animals are transferred too much larger cages of about 80 square feet for each tiger.

Ada Smieya-Blaszak and Brunon Blaszak are fully devoted to preserve the magnificent tigers for the generations to come.

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