September 23, 2022 - October 1



September 23, 2022 - October 1



At The Fair

THE FAIR RETURNS SEPTEMBER 24 – October 2, 2021!



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Building Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM

Welcome to Our Agriculture Displays
You will gaze upon the talents of youthful Americans (old citizens), 4-H projects and grange exhibits.

See the largest pumpkin, Christmas tree and wreath displays, etc.

Be sure to see who wins:
The Apple Pie Contest
PA Preferred Junior Baking Contest
PSACF Homemade Chocolate Cake Contest
Incredible Angel Food Cake Contest

Judging: Friday, September 20

Special Display: Horse Drawn Antique Sleigh (located at the Horticulture Building for the Winter Wonderland)

Christmas Tree Cafe

Located between Horticulture and Agriculture Buildings… A Cafe with tables and chairs is place to rest, relax and eat your favorite fair food any time during the fair.

Entertainment at Christmas Tree Cafe with Dan & Galla

Saturday 9-21-19 7:30 pm

Sunday 9-22-19 5:00 pm & 7:00 pm

Monday 9-23-19 11:00 am & 1:00 pm

Tuesday 9-24-19 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm & 7:00 pm

Wednesday 9-25-19 12:00 pm

Thursday 9-26-19 12:00 pm & 7:00 pm

Friday 9-27-19 7:00 pm

Farm Museum Building

Visit our display of Antique Farm Equipment – currently transitioning to the Historic Area near the New Barn and Barton House Lawn.

NEW FOR 2019 – GRAPE FEST! Wine Vendors educating the arts of Wine and Juice Making… Something for All Ages…

First Friday (Sept. 20th, 2019) FIRST ANNUAL GRAPE STOMP! Featuring Current Fair President Paul Reichart competing against Past Fair President Fred Trump! More Area Celebrities to be announced…

All Day Ride Vouchers Available Online for a Discounted Price of $15.00 per person/all ages (price does not include convenience fees). Purchase Online until Thursday, September 19, 2019. All Day Ride Vouchers can also be purchased at the Grandstand Box Office for the $15.00 Discounted Price Monday thru Saturday until Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019. (Must Pick-up at Box Office / Contact Box Office for details at 570-387-4145) Online and Grandstand Vouchers are Good All Day / Any Day Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019 thru Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019. 

All Day Ride Vouchers can also be purchased at the Gates during week of Fair (Monday, Sept. 23, 2019 thru Friday, Sept. 27, 2019) for a Special Discount of $17.00 per person/all ages. Vouchers purchased at this time are good for All Day ONLY Monday, Sept. 23, 2019 thru Friday, Sept. 27, 2019.

All Day Ride Vouchers will still be available Everyday of Fair at Amusements of America Booths for $20.00 per person / per day / all ages.

ALL  Vouchers are good for 1 Person/ 1 Handstamp / 1 Day.

Antique Tractor Parade

Sunday, Sept. 22, 1pm
On the track in front of the Grandstand

Daily Showcase: Technology 
Antique Farm Machinery Display – see tools and machinery used 100-150 yrs ago, possibly by your ancestors.

Building Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM

Caleb Barton was born in 1812 and later became a very prominent local businessman, in 1855, he built this handsome residence and in the same year a group of citizens held the first fair in Barton’s field.

The faithful restoration by the Fair’s Board of Directors has preserved a fine example of mid-nineteenth century Pennsylvania architecture and an extremely important element of Fair and local history. Caleb Barton House as you now see it is the result of much detective work, expert advice and many hours of painstaking restoration.

Wherever possible, the interior and exterior paint colors have been selected to match the original. Wallpaper and carpeting are documented styles in use during the period. While quite different from current styles, they accurately reflect the tastes of our Victorian forebears. Shutters, shutter hardware, stenciling and grained woodwork are further examples of careful research and reproduction by skilled local crafts-persons.

Fireplaces in the living and dining rooms are original, while the large kitchen fireplace has been reconstructed in its original style and location. As you leave through the kitchen, note the water pump on the back porch and the stylish “necessary house” on your right.

We hope you enjoy seeing the work in progress and will look forward to another visit next year to view the furnishings which will complete the project.
Jay H. Fritz, Jr.
Barton House Project Consultant


We are extremely proud of our Historic Gem, and eager to share its architectural treasures with you.

As you walk through the building, pay attention to the lye and water-treated floors, the whitewashed ceilings, period wallpaper, and pine woodwork. Some of the original colors used to decorate the house, which was built in 1855, were found on an ancient shutter that had been hidden from daylight in a corner of the attic. Also rediscovered were the fireplaces, key plates, and, in one room, an old pane of glass on which someone, possibly using the diamond on the bride’s engagement ring, had scratched the Bartons’ wedding date.

Restorer Larry Sweeney of Orangeville has uncovered many aspects of The Barton House during the years he has been working to return it to its original condition. During this time. Jay Fritz Jr., a Bloomsburg antiques dealer and broker, has succeeded in furnishing the home with pictures and wall coverings. The work that Mr. Sweeney and Mr. Fritz have done has created the impression that Mr. and Mrs. Barton are just gone for the day. perhaps to visit neighbors, and will return by twilight.

Should Caleb and his family come home later today, they would find a luxury unheard of in most American houses constructed before the Civil War: numerous closets, each with ample space. History doesn’t tell us who decided to install the closets, which must have been great novelties in their day. Whoever was responsible clearly was a homey and practical person with plenty of foresight.

More than 1250 visitors stop by The Barton House every day during Fair Week.

There are many stories about our marvelous old house. One relates that in weddings held at Barton House, possibly conducted on the front porch, the bride carried a bouquet of wildflowers gathered from nearby fields. It is hoped that at some future time, the grounds will be restored to the period.

Historic Garden

Historic Barton House has an extensive garden planted and tended by members of the Fishing Creek Herb Guild, with hundreds of heirloom perennials, vegetables and herbs. The garden, started in 2000, displays flowers, herbs and vegetables commonly used in the 1850s. Each year brings something different. We also have vegetable and scent quizzes to test your knowledge.

Herb Guild members meet regularly through the spring and summer for planting, weeding and watering. Each spring compost is added making the garden soil extremely Fertile.

When you visit, please ask for some free seeds from our morning glories and cleomes (spider plant.)


Barton House Schedule



Every day 10am to 6pm there will be guides in the garden to discuss our plants and answer any questions. We will have free seeds to give away.

Saturday House open 10:00am to 6:00pm
A Civil War physician will be set up on the lawn.
A dulcimer musician will be strolling the grounds.
Sunday House open 10:00am to 6:00pm
1:00pm – Old fashion sauerkraut making on the back porch.
A Civil War physician will be set up on the lawn.
Monday House open 10:00am to 6:00pm
11:00am – Making horseradish on the back porch.
A Civil War physician will be set up on the lawn.
A dulcimer musician will be strolling the grounds.
Tuesday House open 10:00am to 6:00pm
11am – Butter making in a glass butter churn. All are welcome to help.
A Civil War physician will be set up on the lawn.
Wednesday House open 10:00am to 6:00pm
A Civil War physician will be set up on the lawn.
Thursday House open 10:00am to 6:00pm
A Civil War physician will be set up on the lawn.
Friday House open 10:00am to 6:00pm
A Civil War physician will be set up on the lawn.
A dulcimer musician will be strolling the grounds.
Saturday House open 10:00am to 6:00pm
A Civil War physician will be set up on the lawn.


Monday, Sept 23, 2019
Horticulture Contest and Identification


FFA Presentations

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Family & Consumer Science (FCS) Presentations

Cupcake Wars judging

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
4-H Presentations

Visit the Stuart Tank Display (located at the entrance to the building), Volunteers are there daily with a display of memorabilia.

Stop by and say Hi! To the Veterans (located right inside the building)

See the display from War Memorial Museum
Hours: Daily, 9am – 10pm

  • Agriculture 2 pm – 10 pm First Friday  / 9 am – 10 pm Saturday thru Saturday
  • Arts & Crafts Closed for Judging First Friday  / 9 am – 10 pm Saturday thru Saturday
  • Dog Show 9 – 10
  • Educational 9 – 10
  • Farm Museum 9 – 10
  • Horticulture Closed First Friday / 9 am – 10 pm Saturday thru Saturday
  • Industrial 9 – 10
  • Livestock Display 2 pm – 10 pm First Friday /  7 am – 10 pm Saturday thru Saturday
  • Poultry & Rabbits 9 – 10
  • Barton House Historic Area – 10 am Until Dark (Approx. 6 pm) Saturday thru Saturday
  • One Room School House – 10 am Until Dark (Approx. 6 pm) Saturday thru Saturday


Quilters in Bloom, Quilting Bee
Chair Caning by John & Viola Pfleegor
Bobbinlace by Mary Paulhamus
Various Sewing Demonstrations by Miranda Marr
Live Alpacas and Spinning and Weaving of Alpaca Hair by Worthington Acres Alpacas
Broommaking by John Paul Warren
Spinners & Weavers (A Local Fiber Spinning Group)
Woodworking by Mike & Liam McCay
Blacksmith by Harold English
Old Fashion Print Shop by Don Esler
Civil War Reenactors
Outhouse Dig Items by Robert E. Lee













Friday, October 1st at (Lightweight 10 AM and Heavyweight at 1 PM) at the Geisinger Large Arena, in the Livestock Area 

Horse Pulling Contests are Friday, October 1st at the Geisinger Large Arena, in Livestock Area, the Light Weight Contest starts at 9:30 am with a Percheron Hitch & Scottish Highlander Cattle Presentation/Show prior to the Pulling Contest. The Heavy Weight Contest starts at 1 pm. The cost is only $5 and is good for both shows.

This is good family entertainment at a low cost. If you never experienced this show before,it is very fun and exciting. Each team of horses must pull a weighted sled a distance of 27′-6″ to move onto the next round, each round the weight increases until we have a winner.


Teams of horses come from Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Ohio, Vermont, Maine, and local Pennsylvania teams. These teams take great pride in presenting you with the best contest possible. These magnificent animals weight approximately 2,000 lbs each. See you there!

Horticulture Hall

Building Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM

Horticulture Hall steps back 100 years, when there were no cell phones, computers, Google, Amazon or On-Line Shopping. 

You went to your local general store or for a special treat you loaded up the family for a trip to town. This year’s theme in Horticulture Hall is “Nostalgic main Street USA”.

Everyone enjoyed F.W. Woolworth, the store that had almost anything you would need plus the soda fountain. The ladies gathered at the Village tea room for tea, cookies, scones and maybe a little gossip. 

The Millinery was always busy creating fashionable hats for special town events and church. The next stop for families would be the Bootery, selling only the finest leather footwear. 

On these hot summer afternoons, who could resist an ice cream or soda pop at the Sweet shop. Or their amazing selection of candy. 

After a long day, it was time to head home but not without stopping at the florist to pick out a fresh bouquet or some lush green plants. Wow! Those were the days! 

Horticulture Hall has captured the good ole days and transports visitors back 100 year. Enjoy a park setting with a fountain on a festive parade day with red, white, and blue bunting and flags. Street lamps, 13 font trees, flowers, and plants surround you as you make your way through the building. 

Come in, relax, and enjoy as you stroll through our Main Street, USA!



To Educate & Have Fun

The Livestock Department near gate 5 on Avenue “F” is ready to welcome you to the 165th edition of the Bloomsburg Fair. Geisinger has sponsored the Livestock area teaming with us to help educate the public on the nutritional side of the products. We are excited to continue sharing with you mutton busting (kids riding sheep, like featured at rodeos) in our Bissingers Apple Dumplings Livestock Outdoor Ring (Except Tuesday & Thursday). Daily mutton busting signups for the children will take place at the outdoor ring. We have on the hour, numerous educating and entertaining demonstrations for you in this ring by 4-H kids and their animals, pigs and people program, miniature horse, Percheron Hitch and Scottish Highlander Cattle, among other invited guests. You will not want to miss our 4-H horse and pony drill team perform daily in the large Geisinger livestock arena, sponsored by Vance’s Apple dumplings. 

Don’t miss our designated kids area where farmer bloom, our fair’s mascot, will be presenting to entertain the activity area. This area is intended to have other fun things for kids to do and learn about livestock & agriculture. In this kids area we have a cow with imitation components for the kids to milk, a scavenger hunt, peddle tractor course. The ever popular corn box is ready for the Hundreds of Kids that play in this daily. Many photo opportunities wait for you.There will be plenty to see and do, while learning about raising animals and farming.

We have very competitive livestock shows throughout fair week for Dairy Cattle, Sheep, Dairy Goats, Horses, Market Goats, Swine & Breeding Beef. The 4-H kids get to show off there Dairy Cattle, market lambs, steers, goats and swine during the 4-H shows. There will be a sale of the 4-H market animals in the Geisingersmall arena on Friday night at 6:00. This sale gives 4-H members a chance to make money for college or start a business. 4-H club members will be offering to have your picture taken with a calf, lamb, horse or goat.

We are very excited about our very successful Horse Pulling contest and have received more sponsorship’s to be put towards the premiums. Also a fan favorite is the Mini Horse Pull which is held Saturday morning at 9:30am sponsored by the Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau. The pony pulling on Saturday afternoon is always a well attended event.

The news media is invited to attend the 34th anniversary Hoe-down to be held in the Large Arena on Wednesday evening at 7pm. The following companies are proud to be sponsors of this event held for the livestock exhibitors and their families:

  • Hatfield Quality Meats
  • Sunset Ice Cream
  • Stroehmann & Maier’s Bakeries, Inc.
  • Middleswarth Potato Chips
  • Giant Food Stores, Inc.
  • Catawissa Bottling Co.
  • Dairy Farmers of America
  • R.U. Troutman & Son, Distributors of Middleswarth Potato Chips
  • The Bloomsburg Fair

Jim Vance’s Apple Dumplings on Avenue “E”, in combination with the Bloomsburg Fair, is once again sponsoring the Horse & Pony Drill Team for your daily entertainment.

We are glad that Yoder Way Builders have sponsored a red and white domed pole barn for the Livestock Area you can see this great hoop barn from Rt. 11.

Have fun, learn and make many family memories at our fair!

Jeff B. Giger
Supt. of Livestock


Monday, September 23


11am – 4H Showmanship


Large Fowl Display / Large Water Foul Display

Stop in and see the peeps in the hatchery!


Monday, September 23, 9am – Open Rabbit Judging
Monday, September 23, 2pm – 4H Showmanship


Hours: Daily, 9am to 10pm

The following is a synopsis of John G. Quick’s reort, secretary of Montour: The first school, to my recollection, was established in the year 1831, by Miss Harriet Rupert, daughter of the late Judge Rupert. She opened this school in a shanty, which had been built and occupied by contractors, while making the North Branch canal, and building the aqueduct across the mouth of Fishing creek. In this shanty Miss Rupert commenced instructing the children in the vicinity of Rupert, charging one dollar for each pupil per term.

The Bloomsburg Fair Association is instituting a veterans block project to recognize veterans of all branches of the United States Armed Services.

The paver blocks are 9″ by 9″. They will have the veterans name and military branch engraved on individual blocks.The price will be $ 100.00 per veteran block.  Fill out the application completely and mail it to the office of the Bloomsburg Fair President (address is on the application).

As soon as the application and check arrive the veteran block will be engraved. As they are completed they will be made into a walkway of honor near the tank at the fairgrounds (see pictures below). The engraving and laying of the veteran blocks will be done by highly qualified and professional workers. If you aren’t able to get to a computer contact the Fair Office (570-784-4949) and you will be sent as many applications as you desire. This is a wonderful way to recognize all those who’ve served.

Thank you in advance for your support of this worthwhile undertaking. Checks should be made out to the Bloomsburg Fair Association Veterans Block project.



Visit the Stuart Tank Memorial Association’s Tank Display
Located on 5th Street, Between the Farm Museum and Freedom Hall

The Stuart Tank Memorial Association is hoping to build a lasting memorial tribute to themen and women on the home front who built the Stuart Tank at Berwick’s ACF facilities and the Soldiers, Marines and Allies who rode the tanks to victory.


The organization also worked to bring an authentic tank that was manufactured in Berwick, home to be part of the memorial. The tank the group will have on display daily, arrived several months ago from Great Britain.



The Stuart Tank Memorial Association would like to thank the Bloomsburg Fair for once again enabling us to present Lady Lois to the public and honor the contribution the workers and veterans of the area had made to the Arsenal of Democracy and winning World War II. Lady Lois will be displayed under a canopy this year. Work is progressing on the mechanical restoration of Lady Lois. As a result the engine compartment is exposed and needs to be protected from the weather. However this does enable the public to view the engine components and verify the tank is powered by an airplane engine.

Want to memorialize a loved one who spent countless hours at the fair?
Purchase a Bloomsburg Fair Memorial Bench!



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